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Plasma Vapor PTFE Fluoropolymer & Teflon-Like Coatings

Precision Coatings
Fluoropolymer NS™ (Nano-Surface) (NEW)
Plasma Vapor PTFE Fluorpolymer & Teflon-like Precision Coatings for Machined Components
Needles, probes, sensors, nozzles and orifices (medical, industrial and biotech.) Micromechanical Systems/ MEMS; Stiction. Low temperature process allows coating of all materials without surface damage. Excellent results coating stainless steel, brass, reduced cell adhesion in nickel- titanium (shape memory alloy). Precision vapor deposition process allows coating of tight tolerances without clogging or bridging, with no damage to the substrate.
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Fluoropolymer xR
Fluoropolymer xR™ (NEW)
Plasma Vapor PTFE Fluorpolymer & Teflon-like Precision Coatings for Ceramics
Nano-Layer Plasma Surface Enhancement for Ceramics (aluminum oxide and others) for greatly improved surface properties. Enhanced hydrophobic properties with zero dimensional change. Sealing of micro-voids in surface of close tolerance machined ceramics using nano-layer coating. Gives a low surface energy finish to ceramics. Improved friction and wear, reduced sticking and improved release.
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NanoTEC™-E (NEW)
Plasma Vapor PTFE Fluorpolymer & Teflon-like Precision Coatings for Elastomers
Nano-Layer Fluoropolymer Surface Enhancement for Silicone & Polyurethane Elastomers. Teflon-like surface; reduced tackiness; smooth, slick surface and improved material performance.

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Precision Gold Metalizing
Precision Gold Metallizing, PVD Coating & Sputter Coating
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Specialty Gold Coatings. PVD applied Gold Plating of polymers, metals, and ceramics. 99.9% Purity. Radiopaque Marker Bands and Conductive Coatings, Precision Pattern Metallization, High Purity, High Vacuum Processing and Super Tight Tolerances.

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