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Fluoropolymer xR

Ceramic Sensors:

Improved Release Hydrophobic Surface for Ceramic Sensors, Chips, Substrates and other Ceramic Devices and Components.

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Fluoropolymer xR™ has been developed specifically for improving the surface properties of aluminum oxide and other engineering ceramics. The benefits include enhanced hydrophobicity, with zero dimensional change. Sealing of micro-voids in the surface of close tolerance machined ceramics results in a Night and Day difference in the surface feel and hydrophobicity. Provides low surface energy, hydrophobic surface with improved friction and wear, reduced sticking, seizing or galling, and improved release. Many components which utilize the excellent bulk physical properties of aluminum oxide ceramic still are in need of improved surface performance. Fluoropolymer xR™ is the answer; the difference has to be seen to be believed!


  • Dramatic Increase in Hydrophobicity
  • Enhanced Surface Performance
  • Reduced Wear in Critical Applications
  • Improved Release Properties
  • Reduced Attached Material, Attack by Chemicals, Fluids
  • Lowered Cell Adhesion
  • USP CL VI Biocompatibility
  • Nano-layer process: no dimensional change to components!


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