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Plasma Vapor PTFE Fluoropolymer & Coatings Fluoropolymer NS™ (Nano-Surface)

Nano-Surface Fluoropolymer Coatings- A processing breakthrough has been developed which resolves many of the surface problems that occur in precision assemblies: needles. probes, sensors, micron-sized nozzles and orifices, and Micromechanical Systems/ MEMS for critical applications in medical, industrial and biotechnology. We apply a Nano-Surface fluoropolymer, PLASMA-BONDED onto the surface using ultra-high vacuum processing, performed at room temperature. This customized precision vapor deposition process provides a unique nano-structured fluoropolymer coating with extremely tight tolerances without clogging or bridging, with no damage to the substrate. The result is a great improvement in surface properties with low surface energy, improved friction and wear, reduced sticking, seizing and "stiction", as well as greatly improved surface release and liquid dispensing capabilities. Enhanced hydrophobicity (water-shedding) is provided to intricate components, with zero dimensional change. USP CL VI Biocompatible. Improved performance for a variety of precision mechanical components. Many designs which utilize the excellent bulk physical properties of various metals, alloys and other new and high-tech materials still are in need of improved surface performance for optimum component design and superior overall performance.

Nano-Layer Fluoropolymer Coating Specifications

Coating Composition Pure PTFE Fluoropolymer
Deposition Process Plasma Vapor Deposition Thin Film Process, Excellent Adhesion
(High Purity Vacuum Processing)
Deposition Temperature Ambient Room Temperature Process; No Heat Needed
Coating Thickness Below 0.10 microns up to 2 microns (0.000004 to 0.00008 inch)
Surface Finish Conforms to Surface Finish of Uncoated Part
Service Temperature - 260 C to + 260 C
Friction Coefficient < 0.1
Coating Color Clear
Chemical Resistance Resists most solvents and chemicals
Biocompatibility USP CL VI Certified

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